Trained Wolves | Animal Agency

Trained Wolves | Animal Agency provides film wolves and other animals and wild animals for feature films and cinema and has been doing so for over 10 years in hundreds of projects and productions. Rent beautiful trained Wolves or other animal models from our animal agency.
We will provide you with the best selected animals for every scene. Do no hesitate to ask for some help in filming scene with your needed animal. All animals represented by our animal agency are vetted on registration by german law to ensure they are healthy and well behaved. Our Agency can also offer the service of film making to work with you to achieve the filming stuff you need.
We also can offer you green screen material stuff of trained wolves or other exotic animals. All this green screen filming stuff is done in our own green film studio. If you need some special green stuff do not hesitate to ask us.
You can find some examples on our german green internet side
We are pleased to film individual green screen scenes wit all kind of animals for your project and productions.
All animals will be accompanied by 2 animal trainers to ensure that the animal is relaxed and well prepared.
We are confident that we have the right trained Wolves and also other animals for your project, so when briefing us please provide as much information as possible.
We have also Wolf Puppets, Dummies for your projects. This can help a lot in many scenes with Wolves.
Nearly all animals are available, pets, wild animals, exotic animals.
Even specialized in horses, pigs, cows, sheep and goats, in addition wolves, zebras, big cats, eagles, owl and penguins….